Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When the cost of living stinks... use more Manure.

As a real estate broker focused on land sales, it is understood that the Land is one of our main resources for survival. The value of this land is directly related to how well it is managed. Proper land management offers a safe and beautiful environment, productive soils and crops and a suitable forage base for animals and people, alike. Spring time in Montana is the time of year when land owners prepare the land for its summer of productivity. One of these management practices is fertilizer application.

Agricultural producers and smaller land owners are faced with the higher costs of maintaining property. The high cost of fuel, increased shipping costs and the volatile livestock and grain markets add to the problem. Recently, costs of fertilizing pastures and fields has sky rocketed. I read an interesting article by, JAY NORTON, Soil Fertility Specialist UW Cooperative Extension, in the Prairie Star. Norton helps property owners find alternative solutions to defray the high cost of fertilizer. It all goes back to the way our fore father's managed the land....good ole' manure! And there's usually plenty of it.

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